ABE is aware of technological achievements and works to provide its Costumers with the most up-to-date technology available when it comes to data processing and communication.

All internal processes at ABE are computerized, certifying security and agility to our Costumers. Thus, whenever needed, you have updated and precise information available.

By means of the ABE On-Line System, Costumers may submit data and receive reports of current and collecting accounts at their most convenient time. The ABE On-Line System is simple, quick and efficient as all other services provided by ABE. The system may be installed in a basic computer with Internet connection, following the instructions given in the accompanying Manual.

The ABE Costumer has also Internet access to countless services. It is possible to have the status of all collecting processes under ABE’s responsibility, access a current account to get statements, requests reports with automatic and programmed sending, get in touch with ABE, etc.

At any time, day or night, you have access to precise and updated information without leaving home and free of any additional charges.


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